Tattler App- Open Source topic monitoring tool

Tattler is an open source topic monitoring application for the website of today. It finds and collects content from the web on any topic according to the preference of the user.

Tattler App

It Search Content which you select and collects web and topics on various topics according to the preference of the users. Tattler uses semantic web technologies and mines blogs, sites, news feeds, multimedia sites and other social networking sites like Facebook and twitter to find the mentions and related words searched.

The application is ideal for the advocates, researchers, journalists and communications professionals. This ultimate research tool is created and distributed by open source Drupal, and is available for free to use. The application enables the user to filter, manage and share content collected from the Internet.

The research tool was created with an objective to empower the individuals as well as the organizations with an application that keeps them (individual & organizations) updated with continuously expanding technologies in communications. Tattler equips people with necessary info so that they can track and gradually engage consumer trends. This is also a very important application for the communication, information and news industries. From tracking news trends to mine new stories & public opinion, this is a very potent tool.

The application is essentially used for monitoring various topics. The topics are referred to the subject or an area of interest the user wants to monitor. Using single keywords or phases and entering them in a search bar can source all the mentions and related articles for that particular keyword or phase.

The application supports single or multiple topics monitoring at a time. The application not only sources the data, but also does in-depth semantic analysis. On the application’s mentions page, users will get a blue toolbar where more filtering and sorting is done. With the help of Timeframe filters, users can find mentions and content for a specific period. The tag search option in the blue toolbar allows finding tagged content or topics tagged or extracted by the user with the help of semantic technologies.

Features of Tattler

  1. Smart and easy to navigate interface- Tattler has a smart and easy to navigate interface that allows the user to access each and every tool easily without getting into much complicated actions. The layout is in blue & gray and looks quite elegant.
  2. Ultimate searching tool- The application is an ultimate research tool that not only sources the mentions, content and data for the keyword or phase entered, but also does in-depth semantic analysis.
  3. More sorting and filtering capabilities- With this tool, users can sort and filter the topics, mentions and data further. The timeframe filter allows the user to review the results in the form of mentions and data for a specific period of time. Users can also sort out mentions and data where they (users) have tagged them. The show only filters option lets the user to show items of your preferences.

Tattler is an ultimate device that empowers the people in news, information or research industry and helps them to dig deeply in various topics, trends and issues.

Download : Tattler app topic monitoring tool

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