Teamly – team performance management tool

The online tool that provides a very effective collaboration is the Teamly. Teamly can be joined by several others so that they can start working on it with the aim of creating a short or long term project.

TeamlyThe tasks that are of the greatest importance in a month, day or year is highlighted by Teamly that helps on the improvement of productivity. Central location is the place where users have full control and they are even free to post updates.

The status of each and every part of a project can be viewed by each member so that they remain up to date on tasks. 2010 was the year in which Teamly was founded by London based TechHub. Effective project management and easy way of getting jobs are provided by this site.

The benefit of Teamly compared to other applications is that the online resource provided by Teamly helps each member to check the details of a project by going online rather than the constant updating through person meetings or through phone.

Anyone is free to use by just using the internet connection from any computer. Many tools for team collaboration are available in today’s world and are provided through online service.

There are unique collections for each and every feature. A separate list of the functions is provided by Teamly on its own that effectively helps in the process of collaboration.

Several features of Teamly mark its difference from others. Priority projects are created for key individuals and project managers through the use of Teamly. All the tasks are completed effective on time abiding the priority level through the use of Teamly.

The design of Teamly website is very professional and many in formations are also provided for the new users. The color combination is also very soothing and there are many pleasant ones, such as gentle lime green, soft blue and matching icons.

The main benefit of Teamly is that it enables users to create free accounts for the free of cost.

Features of Teamly

  1. Additional members can be added for a subscription of under $10 per month.
  2. Easily access all the project information centrally.
  3. Prioritization of tasks is possible.
  4. Through timeframe group tasks can be prioritized.
  5. Services can be cancelled at any hour of time regardless of the time taken by the project.

The use of Teamly is thoroughly appreciated by owners of small business, any other professionals or other non-profit organizations who runs a shortage of funds.

At a very cheap price all the tools are available and this very site offers them. The time span of the service is also marked by the user and they also enjoy a complete control over the tasks.

The number of users using the application is also taken into consideration. Key members are only added to reduce the cost. The creator of projects is also given a free access for every month. Also the budget is also well supported by Teamly.

Download : Teamly

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