TeeChart for PHP – Open source PHP Charting Library

TeeChart for PHP is an open source PHP charting Library for PHP developers. The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in all the known PHP IDEs or editors (like PHPEd, Zend Studio, Delphi for PHP, PHP Eclipse, PHP Edit, Dreamweaver, Bluefish, PHP Coder, etc.).

TeeChart for PHP - Open source PHP Charting Library

It includes full source code that means no loaders have to be used in order to create a Graph on servers. It offers a full set of Chart styles to visualize data and function types including many specialized financial functions, multiple axes, multiple tool, Export formats include: JPEG, GIF, PNG, Native Tep, WBMP. Charts may be streamed directly to the browser to avoid maintenance of temporary files.

Features of TeeChart for PHP

  1. 100% PHP5 code
  2. Full PHP source code available
  3. Support for PHP5 and above
  4. It includes a palette component for Delphi for PHP programming environment.
  5. Database Support
  6. Direct Access to URL addressable Charts
  7. Design time PHP Form WYSIWYG Chart Control
  8. Standard and Extended series types
  9. statistical functions
  10. Custom 3D Drawing Objects – Custom Canvas gives you full access to any part of the Chart for unlimited customizability.
  11. TeeChart Themes for template and color palette management
  12. Code free tools to offer Annotation, Color banding with transparency, Custom Lines, Page numbering, Background image display.
  13. Support for 2D and 3D charts
  14. Flash / Flex Chart exportation.
  15. Multiple unlimited Custom Axes
  16. Image export as WBMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF.
  17. Data export as Text, XML.
  18. Template import / export (TEP).
  19. Support for Multi-page Charts
  20. Transparency and anti-aliasing on all Chart object Pens, Brushes, Fonts and Gradients.
  21. PHPDoc help

Download : TeeChart for PHP 1.0

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