TeuxDeux – Online to-do list application

The TeuxDeux is such a system that lends the users to sketch in a comfortable manner, fluent function. An application seems to be uncomplicated yet it includes certain special provinces that makes it admirable.

TeuxDeux - Online to-do list

To do’s are again and again considered to be the best way to manage your routine period. TeuxDeux, subscribers can insert lists that display below each day. The applications allocate users to spot five consecutive days at a glance.

Recent highlights help you to accommodate the different shaping of the TeuxDeux set accordingly. Additional elements are to note a single period at a go or to glide over five at a glance.

Calendars are attainable in case of viewing or mobilizing to some other dates. The elements are commodious, employing effortless platform. The subscribers can actually pull up and down an ingredient into data vestibule for rectification of spelling.

TeuxDeux provides smooth working along with the easy operation & navigation system of the program. TeuxDeux was discovered, Swiss Miss, an architect studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Fictive Kin, a crew of planners and innovators from all the direction even from San Francisco and Brooklyn.

Fictive Kin at present acting upon different assignments.That entails analog, Brooklyn Beta 2011 and gimme bar. TeuxDeux for beginners in case of scheduling system operation scene arrived in 2010.

The charge of balancing a primary list of to do’s is not exclusive. The chief character is in what ways the designers advance towards the exercise. This makes it a significant one.

The mechanism is abounded with great features and works in a tuned manner. One can surf all over their previous and upcoming to do list. The activity is frictionless & not lumpy.

Altering any portion becomes smooth in a way with to do list because of TeuxDeux drop & drag tool. The website signifies a black, red and white color frame-up that performs well.

The white medium helps you to avoid tiresome feeling while black & blue renders you resolution all over the application. Lists of events arrangement are organized on a day wise manner.

The classy extracts are comfortable to go through, portraying only the elements that users inserts without an error.

Features of TeuxDeux

  1. Insert to do lists for every day
  2. Utilize the drag and drop tool to alter the present facts on the list
  3. Minimizes or maximizes the list pane smoothly
  4. surface through a single day or five days at a go
  5. leap to a particular date utilizing TeuxDeux formed in calendars

Users those who are in search for a convenient, smart duty to captain there to do list can really find TeuxDeux a favorable one.

It has great feature to make adjustments in the to do list.The weapons are adorable, interesting and easy alongside fluent function.

Therefore the navigation of the list becomes smooth and comfortable on day to day basis.

Download : TeuxDeux to-do App

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