ThatsToday – Group Task Management tool for Great Teams

ThatsToday is a Group task management tool that allow you to create free groups in minute to share your calendar, Tasks, news and documents between your groups and discuss your plan, Groups, Feeds, Applications and News all in the same place that will enable them to be on the top of the daily ongoing things in your life?

ThatsToday - Group Task Management tool

A calendar that is shared is provided to everyone that enables them to have the knowledge of when and what things has been done. Automatic reminders help to maintain the pace with task.

This signifies that none of the tasks are missed out of the schedule. People are invited with open arms to be a part of the group and this process really very intuitive as you can join the group both via Facebook and Gmail.

Thus, the two mentioned services are sure to play the role of hosts to the majority of the existing contacts of yours. Even non-professional user are comfortable to use this tool as it has been designed for their use only.

This enables the sharing of passion for groups of friends in a much more compact and ordered way. Tools that are mostly commercial are available that enables organizations as well as companies to append more features to the existing one that provides a more comprehensive interface.

Features of ThatsToday

  1. Add a notebook, to-do-list, calendar, etc. to the personalized page of yours Subscription to Group Events, that are marked with different colors in your very own Calendar.
  2. Lists of upcoming events can be added that enables to maintain a healthy position on top.
  3. Receive Email and SMS Reminder
  4. Sync your calendar with your mobile
  5. Create an Info Alert with favorite search words and receive updates.
  6. Add mail applications and check your Hotmail, Gmail – and more to come.
  7. Follow what happens on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.
  8. Easy messaging to group members or friends.

Download : ThatsToday

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