The Deadline – New intelligent Todo-Management System

The deadline is your new age personal assistance. It has curbed the need of manual help for keeping track of your schedules and deadlines. You can collaborate with people easily and never miss a deadline again. This software has features and this has led to its immense popularity.

The Deadline

You can sign up free of cost in the official website of The Deadline. You need to enter your email address and you will be sent an invitation. The Deadline basically lets you perform four kinds of operations-

  • Simple tagging – Tags help you to put in order your todo list in “free form”. You can add tags to assign specificity to your tags. You can add #office which means you are to perform the task in office or you classify tasks like #school work.
  • Assign and keep record – You can assign a task to someone or collaborate with someone else regarding some task. You can do it with the help of The Deadline through email or &group syntax. You can also keep track of the tasks which have been assigned to others or which tasks have collaborated with others.
  • View changes – Comments are a nuisance and are hard too follow. They have been excluded from The Deadline. The Deadline maintains a powerful organized record of versioning and history of your todos.
  • Stay in the loop – The Deadline is an efficient task management and lets you be worry-free. You can rely on The Deadline and entirely focus on your work Eve acts as your personal assistant. Eve takes care of every little detail and does not leave anything for you to worry about. You can stay perfectly on track with timely notifications from The Deadline.

The Deadline maintains its stringency of quality by means of a feedback form. You can praise, criticize or send suggestions to The Deadline. You can also attach relevant documents.

Features of The Deadline – Your Intelligent Personal Assistant

  1. The Deadline is very easy to use. It does not have complicated instructions which lead to wastage of time. The deadline values your time. It is very keyboard-friendly so that you do not even waste fraction of a minute reaching out to your mouse.
  2. You can connect The Deadline to your Google Applications with the click of a mouse through the Google Marketplace. It automatically combines itself with Google calendar and your contacts making it easier for you to start.
  3. Even ensures nothing is forgotten. She gives you timely reminders, keeps you updated about the progress of the todos that you have shared with others and automatically resubmits unfinished tasks.
  4. You can just use the @email format of a user or co-worker in your todo text to share a task with one or more people. You can associate a todo with an entire group of people using the & group syntax.

The Deadline is one of the leading task management systems available in the market. It guarantees 100% user satisfaction.

Download : The Deadline – intelligent Todo-Management System

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