ThinkWave Cloud based School Administrative Software

ThinkWave School Administrative Software is one of the most effective CMS (Classroom Management System) in the market. It also has the much effective feature of email reporting and is a complete gradebook.

ThinkWave School Administrative Software

It has a intuitive user interface and the feature is extremely simple and user friendly. Every type of grading system is well maintained by this thinkwave School Management Software.

Apart from that it also handles well about the different attendance programs, different curves, grading types, combinations and much more. It also has an effective mailing feature that allows you to send the grade cards to the required students or their parents.

It also has a well maintained support system. ThinkWave School Administrative Software is well appreciated by the different education institutions and also by the various faculty staff.

The well known rating system ZDNet has rated this software with a 5 out of 5 stars. ThinkWave School Administrative Software is the most advanced software for the teachers and comes with a zero price tag.

ThinkWave School Administrative Software is a free, simple to use, web based grade book. it saves much of the administrators time by computing the grading, providing assignments and above all generate the required reports.

Few of the very effective advantages that ThinkWave School Administrative Software provides are fast entry of scores, numerous views on scores, a gridiron view, a student profile view, and an assignment based view, manifold .PDF reports counting grade book, student précis and absent assignments.

Wide customization of scores, number present, and convention field types. It also has an unique way of providing assignments. The assignments consist of Homework, project and quiz.

You can also provide comments to the assignments and also upload the assignments or results on the institution database. The students and the parents will have their unique id and password to log in.

You will also be able to see when and what did the students or their parents view. The aspect of attendance is also well maintained by the ThinkWave School Administrative Software.

Even the transcripts and the results are automatically generated. It would be a lot easier for the students as they would be able to retrieve their report cards from online only.

Create a custom letter head for your institution and you can assign the headers and footers and a custom logo to provide a unique touch.

The transcripts can be printed in different layers and a wonderful advantage for the students is that they can upload their assignments at any time on the institutions cloud.

Features of ThinkWave School Management Software

  1. Import students from Google Apps.
  2. Deploy automatically across your Google Apps domain.
  3. Log in by means of the Google-Apps usernames.
  4. Collect grade and attendance record online.
  5. Produce reports and transcripts.
  6. Print multi-year transcripts with your school’s logo.
  7. Upload handouts on the web.
  8. Collect assignments from the students online.
  9. Integrated gradebooks for the teachers.
  10. Learning management system (LMS) features allow upload and collection of homework online.

With such an array of outstanding features ThinkWave School Management Software is sure to provide fantastic results to the different educational institutions. It is a must try software.

Download : ThinkWave Administrator – Cloud-based school management software

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