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You have an easier option if you want to discuss multiple topics at once with your team or customer. Threddie allows you to brainstorm using a post and comment system. This is an easy to handle software since it uses a common post and common system. It is better option than email. It is spontaneous and lightweight. This software surely makes your life easy.


There are five plans that you can chose from. The free version allows 10 brainstorms, 2 users and no files. You can try out any of the plans for free for a period of 30 days. Depending on your convenience you can switch to a different plan during that period. At the end of the 30 days trail period you can subscribe for the paid versions if you are interested. You can stop using Threddie whenever you wish to.

Presently Threddie does not accept online payments and payments through PayPal. The four pay versions are priced as follows-$24 a month which allows 6 users and has 5Gb storage, $49 a month with 15 users and 10 GB storage, $99 a month with 40 users and 25 GB storage and $149 per month which allows 100 users and 75 Gb storage. Except the first version all three allow you to customize backgrounds and logo according to your interest.

You need to create a password protected account with Threddie. Your data is absolutely secure. Threddie is compatible with all modern browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and up, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. If you have any queries about the functionalities of this software you can mail to their support system. Threddie is in its beta state at present. So you can post suggestions and comments for the further development of the software.

Features of Threddie

  1. Threddie is easy to set up and maintain. You do not have to install any software on your machine. You can use Threddie on your browser. This saves your valuable time.
  2. There is no time lapse between the time comments are posted and they appear on everyone’s pages. This helps you have true brainstorm sessions with people scattered all over the world.
  3. When you add each member on your team to your Threddie account you allow them to run their own brainstorming sessions.
  4. You can use your own URL instead of the Threddie URL( This is a great option when people from outside your organizations are invited to join the brainstorm sessions.
  5. Brainstorms work on basic comment and post principle. Everyone using the internet is familiar with this format.
  6. It is better then IM since you can leave the session whenever you want and all that you posted remains.
  7. Brainstorm can be made public with or without password. So you can invite participants from outside your team.

The simple way Threddie works is adding to its popularity. Threddie assures you satisfaction. If you want a perfect brainstorm solution Threddie is what you need for your office.

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