Thunar file manager for Xfce Desktop Environment

Thunar is a new and modern file manager that is built for the Environment of Xfce Desktop. Benedikt Meurer was the developer of Thunar and this was named after the god Thor of Norse according to the mythology.

Thunar file manager

The features provided are quite similar to Nautilus but the resources used are a lot less in comparison to Nautilus. The main reason for creating Thunar was to create a file manager that would be clean, fast, and would be very easy to use.

The response of this file manager is very fast in comparison to other file managers that are available on Linux that includes Nautilus (GNOME) and Konqueror (KDE).

The standard of this design is kept intact that has already been specified by and is also quite easy to use. Less resource is consumed by Thunar in comparison to Nautilus, so it is very easy to work with.

As the default size is quite small it provides some limited functionalities but they can be increased to a certain extent through the use of various plug-ins.

The user interface of Thunar is really very user friendly, intuitive and clean and does not contain any useless options that may confuse you.

Thunar is very responsive and fast and has the provision for a directory load time and good start up time. Assistive Technologies aids in accessing Thunar.

Beside the features of basic file management, Thunar also has some additional features that mark its difference with the other file managers that are available for the desktop of Linux/Unix today.

For example, there is a Bulk Renamer in Thunar which is used for renaming several files using the various criteria which are specified through the available renamer plug-in by the users.

The renamer named as the Audio Tags is the best and the most interesting renamer here as it renames the files as per the tags given in the audio files.

The most basic functionalities provided by Thunar can be extended using the facility of Thunar Extensions Framework that enables the integration of various complex tasks into that file manager.

A very time consuming and difficult job for the users is to write the extensions for the given file manager.

But the provision of the plug-ins for User Customizable Actions enables users to get an easy way for extending their files as well as folders context menus with the custom actions on their own.

Features of Thunar

  1. Any sorts of double entry in hidden directories is removed.
  2. Thunar has its own distinct thumbnails
  3. A specialized optical version of nano has been upgraded to configure .in
  4. Fixes any crash on the ejection of the cd drive.
  5. Volumes are translucent enough to receive efficient feedbacks

Thunar, with all such efficient features is sure to be extremely helpful in every organizations in the file management department.

Download : Thunar

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