Time bridge – Online meeting scheduler

Time bridge is a product that helps you to co-ordinate your time with others and manage meetings and get together without any hassle. You can use a single email and organize a weekly meeting with your staffs or with single person with the help of Time Bridge.

This will take into account everyone’s calendar and update the best time automatically. Time Bridge works proposal up to five times that is best for you by considering and juggling the schedule of everyone involved and comes up the best time for everyone to attend a meeting.


Features of Time bridge

  1. Three Powerful Ways To Share Your Availability : Time Bridge is a device that helps to make it a lot simpler to meet up with anyone and everyone by sharing schedules with individual people. Time Bridge also helps to connect groups and make a team and also allows you to announce the times you are available to the members of your group. The special attributes of this feature are that Time bridge will help you to share your availability with people notwithstanding in what calendar system they are. It also helps you to arrange team meetings in a most convenient way.
  2. Not letting Late Comers Slow you Down : It is always a pain to heard attendees to the conference room and constantly remind them of upcoming meetings. With the help of Time Bridge this problem will be overcome as Time Bridge sends automatic reminders of email and SMS to the people who are supposed to attend the meetings. This will begin the countdown to the meeting by generating SMS and email reminders and also round up the latecomers which you had to do otherwise.
  3. Ways of Staying on Topic and on Time Every Time With The Help of Time Bridge : Time Bridge helps you to keep your meeting on track by making you stick to the agenda, capture outcome and leave the meeting ready for action. You can use Time Bridge to share agenda and monitor the progress of the meeting with the help of iPhone application of Time Bridge.
  4. The Specifications Requirements to Use Time Bridge : The mandatory requirements for using Time Bridge are web browser and email account. Time Bridge offers optional functionality for Google calendar, Outlook, iPhone and SMS messaging.

Pros And Cons Of Time Bridge

Pros of Time Bridge :

  1. Time Bridge is for business professionals who have to attend and organize numerous meetings and finds it difficult to co-ordinate it all.
  2. Time Bridge will help such people to figure out when to meet with specific groups of people even the ones who do not use the in-house calendar.
  3. Time Bridge will conference the call and maintains Web meeting functionality along with keeping the meeting on track.

Cons of Time Bridge :

  1. Time Bridge has limited usefulness and acts as a one-trick pony. It offers value ads only with the Plus accounts.
  2. The web conferencing of Time Bridge is weak as compared to other such applications. The features offered are limited.

However in spite of these drawbacks Time Bridge is one of the best applications for time handling.

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