Create beautiful JavaScript Tooltip with Tipped Framework


Tipped is a multiplatform supported JavaScript tooltip framework that allow you to create beautiful tooltips by using the JavaScript framework of your choice. The framework is totally inspired from the popular prototip library and also support for HTML 5 to give you full control over the look and feel of your tooltips.


it uses BridgeJS as a adapter script to provide support for multiple JavaScript frameworks and canvas graphic to create skin for tooltip, from shadow to loading icon.  This means that you can quickly change the style of your tooltips without having to create any images.

features of Tipped Framework

  1. Customizable Skin : The entire skin of the tooltip created by using canvas. so need to create any images for tooltip. just only add few lines of JavaScript to create your own skins.
  2. Positioning : It give you full control over the positioning of your tooltips. You can even decide to let Tipped figure out the best possible position for your tooltip automatically.
  3. Ajaxed powered tooltip : Create even more advanced tooltips by pulling in HTML content using Ajax. Much more becomes possible when mixing this with callbacks.
  4. Callbacks and Events : Callbacks are available for easy integration with your own code. Supported events are made to work on the iPad and iPhone, saving you time creating mobile specific code.
  5. Full featured API : Tipped comes with an API that lets you show, hide or remove tooltips programmatically.

Download : Tipped – JavaScript Tooltip framework

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