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Titanium Backup PRO Key is extremely powerful backup tool for Android based Devices. User can easily backup & restore all apps, even protected ones, with their data and their Market link. Can also save phone settings, including the Wi-Fi access point list.

Features of Titanium Backup PRO Key

  1. No time limit
  2. Very fast app listing
  3. Sort Apps by name / last backup / backup frequency
  4. Easily Filter apps by name / type / status / Apps Organizer labels (also affects Batch operations)
  5. Backup/restore regular apps + their settings
  6. Backup/restore protected apps + their settings
  7. Backup/restore system settings (incl. Wi-Fi AP list)
  8. Restores the Market links when restoring apps
  9. Zero-click background batch backup
  10. Interactive batch restore
  11. Many batch scenarios
  12. Zero-click app un-installer
  13. Zero-click system app un-installer
  14. Desktop widgets
  15. A single weekly or biweekly scheduled backup
  16. User-defined apps lists with filtering, coloring and scheduling support

Download : Titanium Backup (root) for Android

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