TitanPad – collaborative document editor

TitanPad is a collaborative document editor that makes your text writings and documentation much easier and simple.

TitanPad collaborative document editor

You do not need to download or install TitanPad. Hence, while working in a group project or sharing some information with others you can very well use TitanPad for better interactive and transparency purposes.

If you want to save some annotation on a particular website, all you have to do is tick on your TitanPad Bookmark and then click on the save option appearing with the toolbar.

Immediately a separate copy of that webpage will be formed with its particular URL comprising of all your observations.

TitanPad is supported an Australian based group of IT professionals and if it works out to be in quite high demand then it is aimed to be transformed into an EtherPad host.

You can work collaboratively on a specific document and thus the resource generation and team effort takes the work power and outcomes to be successful.

The number of members with whom you work can be chosen by you. You can make up your own group of co-workers and work accordingly on a particular project or project related document.

Features of TitanPad Collaborative document editor

  1. TitanPad works for you in a rapid pace and hence your work procedure gets accelerated. You can discus or decide collaboratively upon any important section of your dealings over TitanPad. So, it offers you with real-time resources and business decisions too. It saves lot of your time by making it possible to take up with your team members any topic or document you think that needs attention.
  2. You and every other member of your group are provided with specific and distinguished colour for easy recognition. You can choose any colour to use for yourself.
  3. All the notes and meeting details are saved in your TitanPad for further reference and thus help you keep track of the entire business procedure.
  4. TitanPad also makes your text methods and interactive ways much easier by providing you with unlimited undo options. So, if you have to modify any text or document part you can do that very easily. Using undo options you can change or delete parts of your discussions without any difficulty. Thus, you can interact without having to think of mistakes and after effects.
  5. You can now create an individual team space for your personal group on the sub domain. This helps you keep all the important details and information regarding your work document or project confined within only the few people involved in the project. You can create this personal team space completely free of cost.
  6. A new FAQ set up has been incorporated that makes your queries to be put up in a simpler way.
  7. All the required information for your discussions and working are provided to you on the TitanPad screen.

Download : TitanPad

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