Tjeklist to-do lists for organize your life

Tjeklist to-do lists is a powerful productivity tool from the house of Provenio Software Corp. Provenio Software Corp. also has developed many acclaimed applications (web based) in the course of time.

Tjeklist to-do lists

Applications like the Say Time or T. Wish .it has gained much appreciation from the users all over the world. There has been a craze for the personal organization apps in these days.

Tjeklist to-do lists is one such personal organization app that help you to manage your tasks, to-dos, projects, goals, resolutions, lists and things-you-need-to-remember. Every user would be having the complete freedom of entering their to-do lists.

The portal is completely dedicated towards the personal aspect of the users. To-dos like Payment of bills, renewal date, submission dates etc.. can be easily recorded.

After you add the topic, you can specify more details or add specific time or date as per your requirement. You can add personalized tags to your to-dos such that it can be added to groups which you may create to sub divide your to-dos.

Recurring tasks can be created and you will also have the ability of assigning remainders to the specific tasks if required. Thereafter, Tjeklist to-do lists automatically creates a list of tasks that has been already entered with the tags, notes and if given the reminders.

At the very beginning of the list, you will be finding the assigned tags, clicking on which will filter your search result. After the completion of the task, you can either remove it or check it off.

You will also have the opportunity of creating sub tasks and also highlighting the to-dos with different color codes. You may print the task or check it by logging into your Tjeklist account.

Tjeklist to-do lists functions more or less like the rest of the applications that are of same genre. The main issue is that now it’s tough to claim it to be a distinctive one.

The mechanism incorporates certain attractive characters like that of the capability to affix secondary assignments that emerges as pressed down tasks.

The applicants are granted to form their assignments and assemblage the elements at a place that goes above the mechanism tabbing. Tjeklist possessing an elegant and peppy layout that applies dull yellow and green shades.

It has a poll chart that consists of some colored tiny caskets so that it helps you to recognize the important ones.

It percolates the tag mechanism and the tag bars are in green shades situated just prior to the assignment accomplishing tools. The assignments are accompanied with title and dates placed at the right side.

Features of Tjeklist to-do lists

  1. Easy creation of to-do lists in the online platform.
  2. Apply specific color codes to the specific tasks
  3. Opportunity of creating sub tasks among tasks
  4. Easy to sign-in with Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or Yahoo
  5. Simple to apply specific tags to all your tasks
  6. Filter the list view by the pre applied tags

All such effectual features is sure to provide much beneficial support to the users. Tjeklist is a must try app as it is clean and efficient.

Download : Tjeklist to-do lists

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