Tomatocart – free online shopping cart solutions

The future generation provides you Libre software for shopping cart solution, Tomatocart. It is an integral part of the project OS commerce 3, particularly. It has a goal to make tomato cart one of the leading shopping cart solutions.


In the catch 22 generation the web applications have become much more hi-tech, modern web 2.0 mechanization, Ajax and Rich Internet Applications offers you better ability to connect with web interfaces with much more ease. ExtJS is the competent one for tomato cart.

The osCommerce 3 administration site has been entirely rephrased which is established on the ground of qWikiOffice project, it’s a web desktop application ExtJS RIA foundation. Its mechanism accommodates the pc’s conditions. It also helps you to afford Tomato cart with better accessibility.

Features of Tomato cart

  1. Site Management : With regular used tool, Tomato Cart establishes new concept- web mail,mode of sustenance and branch manager for improved consumer benefit.
    • diverse-lingual and Multi-currency support
    • Singular web mail
    • Adaptability per role Catalog Management and Browsing
  2. Operation doubled, output halved. TomatoCart brings a neat classification layout disentangling your task.
    • Excess product classification with pictures affixed
    • criticism and grading Management
    • Search Box with Auto Search recommended Terms
  3. Product management and Browsing : TomatoCart accompanies you with sales of both physicals and virtual requirements.
    • Four types of products supported
    • Separate price and stock management based on different aspect
    • Product image zoom and light box to show maximized image
  4. Customer Management : TomatoCart administer more than address book and store credits, including quite a few administration tools and customer-generated content
    • Affords uncountable customer groups
    • Add and eliminate customers in admin panel
    • provides order discount for each customer group
  5. Order Management : Order such as printing invoices have been taken into Tomato Cart’s attention.
    • Add orders in admin
    • Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen
    • Credit Slip or Store Credit for commodity return
  6. Payment : According to the wish of people from different parts of the world payment procedure are 26 types choose the favorites one.
    • Amazon IPN
    • PayPal
  7. Shipping : TomatoCart gives you diverse mode of shopping procedures in accord with the price.
    • Flat Rate
    • Table Rate
    • USPS
  8. Checkout :
    • One-Page Checkout
    • Checkout without accounts
    • Ajax Shopping Cart
  9. Statistics and Reports : TomatoCart provide various types of analytical report list.
    • Products reports
    • Order reports
    • Web Analytics Reports
  10. Promotion Tools and SEO : TomatoCart encompasses advance tools that are appropriate to online sales. SEO serves you a best output when customers are searching via search engines.
    • Catalogue Promotional Discount
    • Product discounts on the basis amount or customer groups
    • Search Engine friendly URLs
  11. Content Management System : TomatoCart does catchy task of CMS
    • Easily upload and install front end templates
    • Content module – Slide Show based on noobSlide
    • Box module – Products Scroller based on noobSlide slide display

Download : TomatoCart shopping cart

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