Toodledo – to-do task list and scheduling software

Jake Olefsky is the official founder of the In the year of 2006 during the month of April Walt Disney’s Imagineering employed him. is a simple to-do task list that is easily available online. This site is pretty easy to work with and also has reminders, a calendar, goals and notes sections, scheduling.

Toodledo todo task list

The feature of Toodledo is well supported by the IPhone, and even the importation of data is enables from an Apple’s ical, Microsoft Outlook, Palm OS PDA, and several other to-do task list that are provided online.

Any portable phone that is web-enabled supports Toodledo to-do task list. Free membership is offered to anyone who wants to use this site and a two level premium membership is also offered to the users of this site.

Even SMS as well as emails can be sent with the to-do list items of Toodledo. People can collaboratively work on these projects with the help of the tools offered by Toodledo.

The user interface that is provided by Toodledo can be fully customized and you can even add certain functionalities to Toodledo at a later stage.

Among all the Web 2.0 to-do list managers, Toodledo is the most easily used to-do task list that is found on the Internet. and the are the two sites that provide a very tough competition to Toodledo.

But, always enjoys the upper hand due to the provision of some unique features by this site. Toodledo has a scheduler and that marks its difference with its competitors.

A schedule that automatically generated from the to-do list items that depend on the user’s available time and priorities. In comparison to both Todoist and Vitalist, Toodledo is the fastest and more responsive.

The application of Todoist is provided freely but the cost of Vitalist is $120 per year. The site of Toodledo is pretty clean and clear and the user interface is also very user-friendly and intuitive and even the pages are loaded instantly and immediately.

The site has no ads to be displayed with only a single click all the actions are performed but a dropdown list is also required to be used for faster access.

Features of Toodledo

  1. The to-do list manager is totally web based
  2. Even iPhone is pretty well supported here, along-with the Palm PDA or various other mobile phones
  3. Files can be easily uploaded and even sharing is possible up to 1GB.
  4. Scheduling is automatically possible that depends upon the users agenda and priorities.

All the users who require a calendar application as well as a Web 2.0 to-do list manager must use Toodledo.

The scheduling feature is automatically available and is provided with a first-class membership that is very useful.

The interface provided by this site is so intuitive that you are not required to have any prior knowledge on this site for using it.

Download : Toodledo

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