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Toonti helps you to design an authoritative web-based social community. This is a free online service that has all the tools required to build an active social networks. It is not suited for children below 13 years of age. It has simple features that can be used by anyone and does not require special training. Toonti focuses on maintaining your privacy over the internet. It aims at making your online interaction secure and safe.

Toonti hosting services is available at The direct services offered by Toonti include domains, widgets, other tools and applications. Toonti Privacy Policy gathers information about its users in three ways. It integrates information provides by the users, information collected by the interaction between the users and Toonti and information received from other applications related to Toonti. Toonti helps you create private or public networks.

In case of a private network you have to invite users in order to enable them to view your community. If yours group is a public group it will be visible to everyone. Using your Toonti network users can open profiles, communicate with each other, send messages through message boards, share media files and even create an online group for studying. Toonti is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is in beta state and is still evolvi

Features of Toonti

  1. This software can be availed online and thus does not involve the hassles of download and installations.
  2. Your social network created using Toonti can be put to multiple usages. It can be used as an educational tool by teachers or school administrations. Students can also create an online study group using Toonti. It can be used to create photo albums and share them with family and friends. It can also be used to create a meet up groups. You can also manage your clubs or associations or uphold your preferred cause or promote your hobbies.
  3. You can visit a demo site on the official website of Toonti.
  4. There are few customization options to suit the idea you want to propagate through your community. You can set the look for your community by setting colors, themes, layout, menus, banners etc.
  5. You can post media files, videos and links and share them with other users or specific users.
  6. The events feature allows you to inform all users about certain upcoming events. The suggestions features allow users to post feedbacks on a certain activity. Thus it allows users belonging to the same community to organize events and discuss or share their common interests. In case of journal creation it allows sharing of documents among users.

Toonti has simple features that mostly allow drag and drop. You can personalize the look of your community and add users according to your choice. You can propagate a cause or view or work in collaboration using this software. It makes creation of an online community a very simple job. The ease of usability is indeed praiseworthy.

Download : Toonti – create your own social networking site

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