TotalFinder – Finder plugin for Mac OS X

TotalFinder is an awesome Finder plugin for Mac that adds tabs, hotkeys, and other tweaks to your Mac OS X Finder in 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion.


The Finder application that is provided as default is well-integrated with the TotalFinder that places several options for customization in the panel that has been added to the ones provided as default in the window of the Finder Preferences. By this way the Finder of yours is not changed or altered.

The developer of this application was Antonin Hildebrand and he pointed out at least a minimum of two ways for successfully uninstalling the application through the various options available in the status bar of the TotalFinder or by using the uninstaller that is available in the archive of the application.

You can keep the application of TotalFinder installed even if you do not use them but you are only required to remove it from the items of the login startup list and you can easily launch it at any time when you feel the need to create it.

The Visor feature contains a pretty important part of this application and the icon on the status menu is displayed in white as well as black on disabling this feature and colors are shown in case if it is in the active state.

TotalFinder always tends to work on the default features of the Finder and it is really a very important thing that you must understand.

The toolbar is always displayed on the very top of the Finder window, while the sidebar is displayed on the left-hand side and the contents of the folder in the right-hand side, at the bottom is provided the information bar while the button present in the upper right corner on the top is used for toggling the sidebar.

Features of TotalFinder

  1. Simple Tabbed Browsing : Tabs can be added on the top of the Finder. The tabs that are visible in the Google Chrome is also visible here.
  2. Dual Mode : A dual mode displays the window of two Finders in a side-by-side mode.
  3. Folders of Top : In the very beginning of the list view folders are provided.
  4. Show System Files : It show you all files of your Disk.
  5. Visor : Convenient system-wide Finder always one key-press away.
  6. Cut and Paste Functionality : The various Keyboard shortcuts are used to transfer the files all around in a faster and easier way. Faster and better than drag & drop.

Download : TotalFinder

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