Track Magic – Mac OS X based management and analysis tool for Ruby on Rails

Track Magic is an analysis tool and provides a comprehensive management for the Ruby on Rails.

Track Magic enables administrators as well as developers to access, analysis and modify the Database tables directly, Without opening standard Rail web interface.

Track Magic for Mac

Track Magic is free to work with the applications of Rails that already exists without the need of any modification, and it can be even used during creating, managing, testing and deploying Rails applications.

The database tables of Track Magic Pro is accesses through the use of Active Record, so that it can freely work with any host that is Rails compatible and provide support for more then one database like MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, etc.

Track Magic can only work with Rails 2.0 or its later versions and Mac OS X 10.5. You are given a free trial for 30-days that consists of completes documentation and screen casts.

It was established in 1978, these tools for interactive productivity as ProVUE has been used for nearly three decades. The products of ProVUE have become famous for its performance and innovation from the very beginning.

Features of Track Magic

  1. Data analysis is done rapidly that does not require any coding, including charts, crosstabs, and collapsible data outlines.
  2. Catching of Local RAM of tables those are open for analysis and fast searching.
  3. Data modification through a “Round trip” – performs edition of data of the Rails on the desktop through the use of interface of data entry of advanced Panorama, eliminating the disadvantages of web browsers. Even you are free to update the data when you are not connected online so that you can upload them later to Rails.
  4. Quickly and easily make the changes to ad hoc across the database through its entirety, including replace and search and changes based on formula.
  5. Searching is done at a high speed and with great flexibility across Boolean formula that are arbitrary and all fields.
  6. Graphical interface that is really very interactive for creating printable forms, mailing labels and reports that does not require any coding.
  7. Test fixtures are created automatically.
  8. Build desktop applications/hybrid web that provide a combination of Rails for the web interface of public with Panorama for functions that are included in the back-end like maintenance, reports of databases that are generated internally (changes in the price list, etc.) as well as data analysis.
  9. Support for all the remaining features such as visually cataloging and organizing all applications and hosts, and an interactive GUI interface for common Rake tasks like creating applications and tables, setting up and modify table structure, managing hosts, freezing and unfreezing, and performing migrations.

Track Magic Pro is what you call the perfect analysis tool that provides a great deal of support for accessing as well as modifying data directly in a database.

The user is free to update any data at a very rapid speed and you can also modify them to be added later to Rails. Thus, all these features make Rails very interactive and so it is opted by many users.

Download : Track Magic for Mac

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