Traffik- Web Content Management System for Designers and Businesses

Traffik is a web content management system which provides you with the facilities of website authoring, collaboration and administration tools. It is designed to allow you to manage the contents of your website with relative ease. It is a perfect amalgamation of artistic sense and in-depth marketing intelligence. You along with your team member will excel by using this uniquely designed web content management system. It is functional for both business and designers and equipped with various widgets to help you to maintain a tidy website.


Traffik is a web content management interface that is suitable if you wish to manage a business website or mange a designer website. It is build to be business friendly. It has unified e-commerce that admits you to sell goods or services that you wish. You can sell widgets, virtual e-widgets even abroad using multiple currencies via multiple payment gateways.

You can maintain a record of the purchasers or every identified client through our integrated customer database. You can also view how our clients have interacted with the individual modules like e-commerce and e-marketing. You can add YouTube videos or display latest tweets from twitter as Traffik permits social networking. Traffik is also superlative designer friendly. It has Triangle plug-in for Dreamweaver and also supports Photoshop which allows you to code in a familiar environment while having access to a complete suite of Traffik site building features.

Features of Traffik Web CMS

  1. Automated templates which allows you to Create standard output templates (usually HTML and XML) that can be automatically applied to new and existing content, allowing the appearance of all content to be changed from one central place.
  2. You can create microsites or web portals within a main site as well, as it is extremely flexible.
  3. Editable content as you can edit the content of the site as and when you wish.
  4. Equipped with easily installable plug-ins and module, this extends your site’s functionality.
  5. It receives regular updates for its implementation tools so that your site may be up to date all the time.
  6. Integrated customer database that grows as customers enquire or interact with your website.
  7. Set Release and Expiry dates on your content.
  8. Share and syndicate any type of content using RSS.
  9. Create your own type of searchable content using Web Apps (All-in-One solution only).
  10. The customer database increases so long as you clients enquire about your modules like e-commerce and e-marketing. You can customize your clientele database to suit your business.
  11. You can use the preset templates in order to make your website look splendid and at the same time use FTP to upload and download pages.
  12. You can use Module Manager to add business functionality without any programming.
  13. You can create an unlimited number of RSS channels.
  14. Built-in meta data framework.

With numerous web content management sites already present in the cyber world, Traffik steals the edge with its excellent features and compatibility with the professional environment. Being a inherent combination of "business and designer" features of interface, Traffik give you 100% satisfaction.

Download : Traffik – web Content Management System

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