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Traindom is a one-stop solution for managing online courses and membership websites. It helps you to build, organize and sell these courses. Traindom provides you with marketing strategies and saves your time and money. It is a basic software and does not require prior training to handle it. You can provide information of your services and products, sell them and receive payments using Traindom. Traindom is becoming immensely popular among users who want to promote their online courses or membership sites.

create online courses with Traindom

You will have to sign up for Traindom and set the right options for pricing, invoicing and methods. You can divide your contents so that to make for easy-reading. You can categorize them into different chapters and modules and also include videos and images and format your text the way you like in order to make your content more attractive. You can frame a sales copy, promote it and make money out of it.

Traindom has multiple features that make your work easier. But it does not require prior coding skills to work with Traindom. Once your product content is ready you need about 10 minutes to set up things. Traindom lets you build your business first. Then you can pay for Traindom subscription. You can use Traindom for free up to ten sales. The paid versions cost between $24 a month and $99 a month. There are no long-term contacts involved and Traindom does not ask for a termination fee.

Features of Traindom

  1. Content Creation- You can edit any part of your content or upload your videos from your Traindom account. You can also process your videos. You do not need to go for additional payment for video streaming. You videos are meant for private viewing for customers who have paid for your services. Viddler servers make video streaming faster. You can make a portion of your contents visible to your clients as part of a schedule. This enhances your content readability. You can send automatic notifications when a portion of your contents become available to your clients.
  2. Mobile support- You contents can be viewed from your customer’s iPhone, iPad and any other mobile devices. You can link your HTLM5 videos which are located elsewhere.
  3. Managing your customers- You can view a list of your customers and their current status and if they have made their payments. Simple invoicing and discussion through forums are exclusive features of Traindom.
  4. Easy to use- You do not have to go through additional configuration, installation and upgradation steps.
  5. Payment options- You can opt for single-time and recurring payments, give discounts and receive your payments through multiple gateways.
  6. Traindom supports customization of your content to suit your requirements. You can integrate Google Analytics to your contents.
  7. Traindom provides active customer support if you need assistance.

Traindom is the perfect all-round solution to promote your online courses. It is sure to get your job done.

Download : information marketing Business -Traindom

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