8 Essential Travel Apps For Mac

Suppose you are a die-hard traveler who travels a lot daily. Thus Travel apps for Mac help you organize, manage, and explore the new destination in a new way. It will reduce your time and improve your traveling experiences.

8 Essential Travel Apps For Mac

1 myTracks for Mac

myTracks  - 8 Essential Travel Apps For Mac

myTracks is a GPS tracking tool for Mac and as a mobile app for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to organize your GPS tracks. In addition, the device provides support for various GPS loggers to get your GPS tracks to your Mac. You can drag & drop images to your myTracks account, and it will automatically be assigned GPS racks to each image. All GPS data are written in the EXIF and IPTC tags of the photo files (Geotagging).


2 Kayak for Mac

Kayak for Mac

KAYAK helps you search thousands of travel sites at once and gives you the perfect solution for your trip, from great hotel deals to cheap flights and car rentals. Search, filter, and sort your options to find the right offers for your trips.  – Whether it’s a hotel booking and car rentals with free cancellation, flights you can change with no fees, or the most convenient seat selection.


3 Road Trip Planner for Mac

Road Trip Planner for Mac

Road Trip Planner helps you to plan and organize your next trip or use it to show your previous road trips. All you need to do is drop pins anywhere on the map by shift-clicking onto the map or simply entering an address. Once you put the pin on the map, it will automatically retrieve the address on a map. If more than two pins are available on the map, routes between two pins are displayed on the screen. It may be driving or walking routes, showing the distance, travel time, fuel cost if driving, and any other notifications. Road Trip Planner is a perfect tool for anyone planning a road trip or who wants to maintain a record of past road trips.


4 Knapsack for Mac

Knapsack for Mac - 8 Essential Travel Apps For Mac

The knapsack is a personal travel planner for Mac. It’s a new world map that lets you view your trip’s destinations at any level of detail. For example, you can get a summary of your complete trip across countries and continents or zoom in to street level to see all the parking lots near your hotel. You can quickly find places, addresses, and even points of interest anywhere in the world. Also, easy to locate cities, hotels, museums, airports, and more.


5 Troga for Mac

Troga for Mac - 8 Essential Travel Apps For Mac

Troga is an ultra-fast translator who supports more than 64 different languages. Just translate any word or a text, and Troga will show you a random translation from your favorite list after some time. In addition, you can add translations to your favorite list: just press ⌘F to add or remove the current translation.


6 Offbeat Locations for Mac

Offbeat Locations - 8 Essential Travel Apps For Mac

Offbeat Locations allow you to search, filter, and sort places and things you normally consider visiting. These tourist spots are fun, oddball, strange, and sometimes normal but unique to them. Choose from more than 13000 tourist locations from around the US! Also added each location with address, weather, Yelp review (if one exists), images from the internet, directions to reach there, and many more.


7 iCaching for Mac

iCaching for Mac

iCaching is an essential tool for geocachers. Import, organize, manage, explore, and export your geocaches with iCaching, a fast, native Mac app. It was tested on many mac versions like Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra.


8 Packing (+TO DO!) for Mac

Packing (+TO DO!) for Mac

Packing (+TO DO!) allows you never to forget to pack anything again! For less than the cost of a (forgotten) tube of toothpaste or a pair of socks (and the time & the hassle of replacing it on the road or in the woods?), this iPhone/iPad app can be your very own personal packing assistant.


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