Tribiq CMS – browser-based Multilingual Open Source CMS

Tribiq CMS is an easy to use browser-based Multilingual Open Source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. it specially designed for websites. Without needing technical skills, you can edit and develop your website.

Tribiq CMS

Designers can enjoy a fully documented template architecture. For developers, TRIBiQ CMS makes the perfect development platform, with many ways to tailor and extend its capabilities.

This application is a specially designed to manage any kind of web content, starting from a simple website and to complex Intranets. User can easily edit web pages and embed images and Flash movies without needing any technical skills with powerful what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor.

Even many management features of Tribiq CMS are combined with AJAX interfaces, so that the effect of making a change can be seen immediately and without needing to reload the web page.

Features of Tribiq CMS:

  1. Support for Multilingual Content
  2. Easy Template Architecture
  3. Scalable
  4. Multiple content types
  5. Administration with Multiple Roles
  6. Easy to managed hyperlinks
  7. WYSIWYG Editor for edit content of individual pages
  8. Intuitive Interfaces
  9. Publishing & Version Controlling
  10. Extranet for Secure Sites
  11. Intranet With Structured Security
  12. Navigation and Adverts
  13. Compliant Accessibility
  14. Advanced Search engine
  15. Built-in forums
  16. Easy to customize Templates and Skins because it keep your content separate from styling
  17. Map Domains to Key Landing Pages
  18. Open Source License, common web platform for all
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