Tropo – Cloud-based VoIP/Skype App Enabler

Tropo is a simple yet powerful Cloud API that provides Voice, SMS, Twitter and IM functionality to your application. Developer can use any programming  language that he already know very well and Tropo’s powerful cloud API bring them a real time communications to your apps.

Tropo - Cloud API

Although the versions that has been developed early has been developed in the scripting environment of Tropo but the latest application will be focusing on the building JSON-based that enables its hosting from anywhere and is executed in the environment of the Tropo cloud.

A true multi-channel service is provided by Trop through the use of the Tropo Cloud API that enables its working various communication channels.

Tropo provides certain application features that really provide a great deal of excitement to the developers of phone app. Tropo provides a great deal of support to both speech recognition and DTMF entry.

A wide range of languages are also supported by this. SIP headers are also manipulated by the application developers with the aid of this application

Phones, applications of instant messaging and SMS technologies are build simply using Tropo. Web technologies that you know are used by Tropo and real-time communications are also added the apps of yours.

Web sites are created, phone calls can be received as well as made, voice recognition can be used, and interaction is also possible through IM, SMS or Twitter. Transcribe calls as well as conference calls are also created by using this application.

No need to learn any special programming languages to use this application and there is also no requirement to learn anything about telephony. Even the hosting of the code of yours is possible and the web server is even used in the language in which you are very comfortable.

Any type of voice application can be used by you including IVR which is speech-driven IVR, voice mash-ups and provides VoIP solutions. The code written by you can be even used and works for IM, SMS and Twitter.

With the aid of just a single click Twitter ID or IM can be added. The application of your starts to respond to those channels instantly.

Tropo provides a 100% free usage for all the developer there are no set-up fees, no contracts and you just have to pay the due amount only that is charged for your use. Several features such as speech synthesis, call recording and speech recognition are included that costs nothing extra.

Features of Tropo

  1. No Channel Required : A call () is just needed to be provided to the network while sending an instant message or text message, It was previously required to tell whether it was text channel or a voice. For an SMS message it’s obviously a text channel and definitely not a voice and so default channels are needed for the channel parameter.
  2. Easy to Send a Message : The text features of Troop’s are used for the purpose of alerting. A call can be made using the method of quick message sending, then you are free to say () and make the call. Now only a single step is required to perform the task.
  3. Outward Bound
  4. Transcriptionist
  5. multi-language Support
  6. Speech input
  7. Support for IM

Download : Tropo

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