TuneSpan – Manage iTunes media Library on multiple drives

TuneSpan is a media manager for Mac that helps you to manage your media files in your iTunes library on multiple drives.

it means the user can easily migrate their music wherever they want (external hard drives, USB drives, and network drives) without disturbing the iTunes library list.

‎TuneSpan for iTunes

All the music files you migrate to another location will still accessible from the iTunes by using TuneSpan for Mac.

It uses the term “span” to describe relocating your media files, you can have your files spanned across many different drives without any confusion or hassle.

TuneSpan for Mac

It makes copies of your media files across multiple different drives, so none of your media files are deleted automatically.

Also, TuneSpan never deletes any tracks from iTunes, so your playlists, play counts, etc. are always available with your iTunes.

‎TuneSpan for iTunes on the Mac

when your files successfully copied, TuneSpan will automatically set the new location in your iTunes that the spanning process of the track.

After successfully spanned the track, TuneSpan move the original files to the trash, even empty folder also move to trash to keep your system clean.

TuneSpan for Mac

A user-friendly interface make simple to search where their media files are and easily restored to their original locations.

Not only does TuneSpan provide the ability to easily move your media files around, but it also allows you to browse your iTunes Library in much more comprehensive and sophisticated ways.

‎TuneSpan for iTunes on the Mac

A location browser of TuneSpan gives you the exact location of your media files stored.

it also offers some advanced filter which is better the iTunes Filters such as if you searching for specific media type in your TuneSpan.

it will automatically give you some playlist and files which only contain that media type.

Drag and drop based TuneSpan interface can also be fully controlled by the keyboard and contains many contextual menus to provide advanced functionality and usability.

Download: TuneSpan

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