Turn your web app into a Mac Desktop App with Fluidium


Fluidium is a open source platform for developing Rich Internet Applications that run as native Mac OS X desktop apps. It’s very similar to Adobe Air platform except fluidium is open source (liberal Apache license), and exclusive platform only for Mac.
Turn your web app into a Mac Desktop App with Fluidium

With Fluidium, you can wrap your existing web app in a pure, native Mac application shell and provide the best of both worlds to your demanding user base. Fluidium is unabashedly Mac-only, and makes no cross-platform compromises. With the high quality of native Mac apps, cross-platform, least-common denominator approaches don’t cut it on OS X. Your Fluidium-based app will fit right in on OS X as a first-class Cocoa citizen.

It completely based on the same open source technology that powers the popular Mac OS X Site Specific Browser, Fluid.

Requirements: Mac OS X
Demo: http://fluidium.org/
License: Apache License

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