Twiddla – online collaborative whiteboard

Twiddla is a web based meeting playground also known as real time collaborative whiteboard that allow you to share, discuss and edit ideas/notes online with friends.

Twiddla - online collaborative whiteboard

The sole reason for the creation of this tool is its convenience of usage and it also aids in providing a very effective collaboration with others.

The features that are included in Twiddl are its constant access and chat features. A whiteboard is being provided to the users of Twiddla that assists them in putting forward their own individual ideas and to even make modifications in the ones that practically exists.

The main benefit of using this application is that you can start everything from the scratch and then work on it to give the shape as per your choice through a group activity.

The feedback for website designs, graphics and photographs from the users is also encouraged through the provision of a whiteboard that is web based. Twiddla is of great use and all the users of it are thoroughly benefitted with its use.

Even several professionals use the white board provided here for their online meeting or conference call that adds to the functionality of this tool.

After just logging in you get to see all the available features and so other installations or downloads are required. There are several extra features available in Twiddla that include buttons which can be placed on a blog or website.

The tool of Twiddla provides an online collaboration in the real-time environment. The beauty of this tool lies in its sheer accessibility and simplicity: no downloads or plug-ins, no provision for those firewalls that are complex, no scheduling techniques that are advanced.

This tool can be accessed anytime and the user just needs an internet connection along-with a web browser attached to a computer. This tool is very intuitive and user friendly.

Several important and helpful features are available in Twiddla that is very appealing and useful. Even Twiddla enables the feature of voice conferencing.

The homepage of this tool is also very appealing and stylist that indicates the great deal of versatility of this application.

Features of Twiddla

  1. Several chat features can be used that even includes conference calls.
  2. Share images, documents, and emails.
  3. Collaborate on graphics, website designs, and much more.
  4. A white board that is absolutely blank can be used for enhancing meetings as well as brainstorming.

Twiddla is really a very effective tool for the users who performs the task of collaboration. There is a high degree of professionalism in this tool and that the reason why it can efficiently used by business partners as well as clients.

This tool also provides a great ease of use and it is also pretty simple to learn the techniques for using it. The users of this tool are not required to have any prior computer skill for using this tool.

Download : Twiddla – online collaborative whiteboard

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