ForeUI – Simple UI Prototyping Tool for designers

ForeUI is a user-interface prototyping tool that allow you to create mockup/wireframe/prototype for the application or website in your mind. A prototyping tool is one that creates the prototype or mockup of the actual application you are making. ForeUI provides a list of sound features that helps you make the perfect prototype for your application, which you can ultimately modify to create your main application.

foreui prototyping tool

Being compatible in various popular operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris etc., ForeUI is very user-friendly. The concept of incorporating flowcharts is a very interesting feature in ForeUI. You can use these flowcharts to make a detailed organization of the sequence of tasks in a particular project. The mockups can be saved as images, PDFs or DHTML simulation files, which can be used later for further modification, even in other prototyping tools.

With powerful features like action editors, element selectors and element category managers, ForeUI makes work much quicker. The action editor basically lets you control the sequence of steps in the mockup, the actions to be taken, conditions to be fulfilled etc. Like all other prototyping tools, ForeUI also breaks each mockup into parts.

These parts are categorized based on properties or functions as set by the user. You can also implement images in your mockup to make your application more lively and attractive. The prototype can, in the end, be exported into usable format and checked for errors or better modifications.

Features of ForeUI

  1. You can modify the title of your project as per your choice. This enables you to emphasize on the aspects you want to be taken care of.
  2. In ForeUI, you can add images in JPG or PNG formats in your mockup. You can also add GIFs.
  3. If an element of your mockup is embedded in a file, you can modify it in ForeUI.
  4. Tree elements can be modified either by “Free editing”, that is, editing parts of the tree itself, or by editing each row of the tree element by “Row editing”.
  5. The Text editor option helps you modify and save text of your mockup as you like it. It too, has a number of features like “focus gain” in case of input gain and “focus lost”.
  6. The inline editor lets you modify content of your project with enhanced options like “free edit”.
  7. You can design attractive templates for your mockups. A special feature provided by ForeUI is that, for the core work, you can hide the design template, modify and re-instate it.
  8. You can search for elements you want to modify.

ForeUI is one of the most user-compatible prototyping tools available. Thus, with it, you can create solid mockups, which shall ultimately help you create a sound application for your users.

Download : ForeUI – UI prototyping tool

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