Unified inbox – Collaborative team inbox

The journey began with a motive to build up such software that makes the communication available throughout the world with the accessible tools that are being provided up till now.

Unified inbox

It is being already discussed rather decided to have a team akin to the management of the inbox texts and decides and controls the whole functioning of the streams of messages in case of mail id to twitter or even Facebook.

The main aim to create a platform where the task of tracking, managing and accessing the messages is not a tough job and one stays calm while doing it.

And for more information on how it works to manage the whole system better to check the blog that containing the details of the whole complex process which might sound easy.

Now that the application unified inbox, It’s a first online software that allows you together all communication like emails, memos, fax, txt & SMS, messages from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and from other social networks – in one central place.

and it is expected as well as believed that one will find this software an intelligent one to arrange the flow of messages and to manage the whole day heap of messages and get the same kind of production that it has been giving.

And now it is clear even to the developers of the software that the mass wants more than a single managerial mechanism now all requires a whole time control over the world saturated with several and diverse information.

And it is being linked with twitter even so as to see how to deal with over burdened messages. It will certainly manage the messages stored as your inbox it will accommodate your organization to operate and commence the communication from any part of the world. and then just give it a click to get it running.

Features of Unified inbox

  1. Unified Communication : The unified mail id compilation from different mail accounts masters, such as Gmail, yahoo, AOL, Fast mail.Other mail working technology that can be used such as IMAP. It can be started off well just by putting one password for your inbox, and makes sure that you don’t skip a single message.
  2. Team Collaboration : Helps to bring together the members and organizations and the merging of files, documents and folders have become much more easy like ice walk.
  3. Mobility and Flexibility : No matter wherever you reside at whatever point of time you can manage and get an access to your inbox texts and manage the messages without any break.
  4. Social Web Connect : Manage your contact, marketing activities and build relationship directly from the Social Inbox.
  5. Enterprise 2.0 : Unified inbox is a web 2.0 enabled inbox that allow you to connect your favorite apps and build the perfect business.
  6. Simple yet powerful workflow management allow you to improve your productivity and avoid bottlenecks.
  7. Security and Privacy : Encrypt, sync and control access for all your online communications in a centrally secured inbox.

Unified inbox has great applications of storing and managing all the inbox messages without taking any sort of stress. And it has proved to be a secure one to store messages in more effective way.

Download : unified inbox

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