UserEcho- Customer feedback management software

In business operations your clients are of utmost importance. Processing and implementation of their ideas is the essence of your success. UserEcho provides you with a user friendly interface with the use of which you can acquire the ideas of your client, acknowledge their ideas and act in response to them accordingly. You can also suggest your own intellect and make the idea a more fruitful one. This interface has a simple enrolling process which allows you to create an entourage where you can capture the ideas of your client and share your own intellect with them.


UserEcho has a simple enrolling procedure which consists of two simple steps. The first one is that you have to enter your email address and then you have to specify the name of the project. A communicative environment between you and your client is setup where you can exchange ideas with your client. It will come to your observance that you are losing less time on client support.

You should take care that your clients are returned to the forum where they can share their ideas. You can do this by giving the link of the forum in your site. You can place an idea to open scrutiny. If it receives a certain specified negative votes then these ideas are scrapped. Thus UserEcho guides you to screen out the fruitful opinions. UserEcho maintains a database of ideas and requests.

When a request is published in your site it responds immediately according to the info’s present in the database. If the task has already been resolved then it scraps the request else allows communication between you and your clients with a goal of arriving at a solution. In this manner UserEcho helps in avoiding repetition of tasks. UserEcho offers all possible applications in order to build information. It is also enabled with the features like tagging and quick search. Its working process is transparent thus ensuring an active and ardent assemblage.

Features of UserEcho

UserEcho is designed by experts in order to create a better environment such that communication between you and your clients are effective. The following features for operative qualities-

  1. You can systematize your feedbacks by tagging.
  2. All UserEcho contents are powered by Amazon S3 server that serves you speedy response.
  3. It keeps a record of the conversations and permits you to scrap duplicate ones.
  4. It’s a multilingual interface. This allows peoples of different language can share ideas and exchange views at the same forum. UserEcho has multi language feedback support. Thus this avoids the duplicity of the feedback on the basis of language.
  5. You can publish feedback in any possible language.
  6. “Nested Comments” makes your feedback more understandable.
  7. Have superior administrative controls which allow you to hold private conversations which are visible only to you and your client.

UserEcho helps to echo the idea of your client to you such that you can arrive at a speedy solution. With its unique features it creates an exceptional communicative environment between your client and yourself that moves your project in the right direction.

Download : UserEcho customer feedback 2.0

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