uShop – Java Online Shopping cart

uShop is a java Online Shopping cart that provide a series of JavaScript’s and Java Applets that can be easily plugged onto any web page.


You are no longer required to bother about any complicated CGI scripts and complex forms. You are no longer restricted to the obscure schemes of page navigation and particular page layouts.

It contains of a large variety of Input applets related to Price, ordering applets (encrypted and secure options), credit card check, display options, information’s are stored in a comma delimited format, and many more.

Features of uShop

  1. No yearly or monthly fees! After buying uShop you are absolutely free to install it on your own Windows, Linux or UNIX web server! (You must buy a license for a store that you have established using uShop.)
  2. A complete flexibility provided when you design page layouts or pages.
  3. A large variety of Java Scripts and Java Applets are offered that can effectively handle a wide variety of pricing and product options.
  4. A programmer’s guide will always assist you in developing your own customized JavaScript’s and Java Applets that will interface with uShop
  5. Multiple tax rates are effectively handled here that are included in the various tax options in the same way as you are able to write tax equations on your own.
  6. Various handling and shipping options that includes the ability of setting up of shipping tables as well as the formulas that depends on the quantity, subtotal weight, or the ability of writing shipping equations on your own.
  7. Any customer related information (via cookies) can be easily remembered that enables the customers to remember them without the requirement of filling them out again.
  8. All the methods of payment are easily handled that includes payment by Electronic Check, Credit Card, Print (for mail or fax orders), Cash on Delivery, and even the provision of an option for "Contact Me".
  9. The facility of a credit card that is already built-in adheres to: Innovative Gateway Systems, ECHO, PayPal, Link Point, Authorize .net, Planet Payment, etc..
  10. Various options related to discounts are offered that includes a Coupon Manager that is already built-in that enables the creation of coupons for you even with the provision of expiration dates.
  11. Data files that are bar-delimited are created using the special "Browse" and "Search" applets that are dynamically generated.
  12. A built-in Tracking System that is automatically Affiliated.
  13. Diagnostics are automatically built-in that helps in troubleshooting.
  14. A technical support is provided freely for 90 days.

It is of great use and proves to be very beneficial for all its users. Several features are automatically built into it that marks the increased usability of this.

Download : uShop Online Shopping Cart

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