VenueGen 3D Virtual classroom and collaboration labs

VenueGen is one of the most advanced 3D virtual classroom and collaboration labs that allow user to interact with each other by using realistic photo-generated 3D avatar.

VenueGen 3D Virtual classroom

It has more then 30 different virtual meeting rooms including board room, Executive Room, lecture hall, theater, sailboat, campfire, coffee shop, amphitheater and talk show studio, where user can easily share multiple documents like word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and digital media files, etc.. into virtual meeting rooms, host and attend meeting, conferences and training session with other colleagues to create real time collaboration.

VenueGen’s impressive virtual classrooms and conference spaces provide a lifelike feel to your interactions. This is not only promotes an improved learning area but also enhances participation, answerability and above all the aspect of overall performance.

The VenueGen messaging application supports all the major Instant Messaging services so that you have the ease of communicating with all your important contacts. It also supports all major chatting application like MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google and Skype too.

VenueGen is studded with effective features. It is fast, simple installation, a negligible usability knowledge curve, confidential, protected environments and very advanced content distribution capabilities that authorize each client to contribute and view numerous content windows simultaneously.

VenueGen is incorporated in Gartner’s top Five Coolest and Most gifted New technology, and has established honors from Business Week, USA Today, CNBC and others.

Features of VenueGen

  1. Viewers join instantaneously – Unlike the other similar applications with which you will have to wait for long sessions to view the other side, VenueGen instantly allows you to see your receiver when he is on air. So you wont have to monotonously wait in front of the screen as within a flash you will be getting the real time picture.
  2. Easy to use – Venue Gen is also very simple to use. You don’t require having much of a technical know how to operate the application. The interface is extremely user friendly and active support is provided in every step.
  3. Trainer led sessions – A well trained professional will be there leading your every session
  4. Time Bound  – The only time for the appearance of tasks is at the hour of need and they should not appear every time as it will only result in the clumsiness of this application
  5. Low resistance – You are required to click only once for adding to the current list, while you are required to click twice for adding to a different list. Thus, you will be provided with a single screen where all the items can be pasted all at once.
  6. Calendar integration – VenueGen has an built-in calendar application with it. You will be able to fix all your schedules and then consequently you will be able to share it with your contacts. Just schedule your desired event and send it to your clients.

With such beneficial set of features VenueGen is sure to provide effective support to its users. It is a bit expensive but when you compare the features it is worth it.

Download : VenueGen

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