Visual jQuery LightBox – Create fantastic lightbox-style photo galleries and slideshows

Visual jQuery LightBox is a plugin for jQuery that allow you to create fantastic lightbox-style photo galleries and slideshows without writing a single line of code.

Visual jQuery LightBox plugin

Just drag&drop your photos into Visual jQuery LightBox application window, press "Publish" and it will automatically create your own web page album script with beautiful LightBox effects will open in your browser immediately. No image editing, No html, JavaScript, CSS coding, just a click to get your cool web page album ready.

Visual jQuery LightBox is available as Prototype or jQuery plugin, for Windows and Mac and supports numerous image formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, TIFF and more. easy to add captions, rotate images, and change the size and quality of your photos with Visual jQuery LightBox.

Features of Visual jQuery Lightbox

  1. support for Flickr and photobucket
  2. Available in jQuery plug-in or Prototype extension for windows and Mac
  3. Floating and smooth cross-fade transition
  4. Slideshow with auto start option
  5. XHTML Compliant
  6. Zoom effect with overlay shadow
  7. Rounded corners of overlay window
  8. Large images fit into browser window
  9. A lots of beautiful gallery themes
  10. Graceful degradation when JavaScript is not available
  11. Image rotating and hi-quality image scaling with anti-aliasing
  12. Automatic thumbnail creation
  13. Support for Keyboard Navigation
  14. Adding caption
  15. Built-in FTP Support

Download : Visual LightBox JS
Demo : Visual jQuery Lightbox plugin

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