A/B, split and multivariate testing software- Visual Website Optimizer

A/B testing commonly recognized as split testing or bucket testing is a method of marketing testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples in order to improve response rates. Through this Visual Website Optimizer interface you can fabricate multiple variants of your website and split your website traffic among these variants. Essentially it helps you in choosing the best possible method that gives better performance among a cluster of same methods through the same experiment simultaneously.


Optimizing websites is essential for conversion goals and hence are the most sought after software’s for successful Internet companies large and small alike. Visual Website Optimizer is just what the doctor ordered for you if you wish your website to be a successful one. It allows you to create multiple variants of your website without hiring an expensive search engine optimization expert. You need no email activation for this interface.

This process involves minimum hassles. After your login, you are taken to the test page, which requires you to enter the URL of the web page you want to put to test and after a few seconds you can see the web page in front of you. During this process no changes are made to your website but Visual Website Optimizer notes the changes that are required to get the best out of it.

The editor in which you create the variants for your website is a WYSIWYG editor and you can type in the text you want to change, change fonts, add some styles, upload images. Assign a name to the variant for easier identification in case you plan to add more sections. For example you can change Know More instead of Find Out More in the variant you just created. It is also equipped with valuable analytics software that gives you a graphic test performance. Visual Website Optimizer also integrates nicely with Google Analytics and hence you can pull deeper, custom reports based on internal traffic metrics.

Features of Visual website optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer steals the edge over the other software’s that aim at optimization. Thus you get the best performance from your website along with their variants. These features can be clubbed as follows.

  1. It is easy to perform A/B testing.
  2. You can create variants and optimize them at the same time.
  3. It comes with a WYSIWIG editor in which you fabricate the versions off your website.
  4. It saves you the cost of an additional expensive search engine optimization expert whose advice you would otherwise have sought for.
  5. It has integrated HTML code editor which helps you in creating variations in the HTML code of your website.
  6. Complex testing is also performed by it.
  7. It furnishes you with a real-time performance analysis with its integrated analytics applications. This helps you to estimate your websites performance.
  8. It has in-built widgets that suggest you with new testing ideas that necessarily results in better optimization.

Visual Website Optimizer clearly has the edge over other software’s performing the same functions with its improved and better features. It can be used by all and sundry to perform A/B testing, split testing and multivariate testing. It save s both time as well as money.

Download : Visual Website Optimizer

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