Visual3D.NET – 3D Simulation and Game Development platform

Visual3D.NET is a versatile and high performance 3D simulation and game development platform that integrates all of the necessary tools and technologies needed to build 3D applications into a single software product. It compatible with all .NET languages and supports Iron Python Scripting.

Visual3D.NET - 3D Simulation and Game Development platform

The platform provide a powerful 3D simulation and game design toolset that integrates a wide range of useful visual design tools which automate core development tasks into a single software tool so developer can complete their applications rapidly and cost effectively. Visual3D.NET Scenario builder provides an easy to use set of visual tools for scenario building.

Visual3D.NET provides the capability to develop more realistic simulations faster and easier than typical simulation development tools. It provide wide range of useful visual design tools for rapid scenario creation, real-world 3D terrain building, 2D and 3D tactical interface creation, asset management, and artificial intelligence into a single tool, allowing developers to rapidly create and modify detailed simulation environments.

Features :

  1. Intuitive Drag and Drop scenario building toolset
  2. Asset Management: Easily upload, store, and manage your scenario components through a convenient asset library.
  3. Script your Scenario’s Interactivity Visually: Use Visual3D.NET’s diagram based visual scripting system to develop AI, event sequences, and other interactivity.
  4. All-in-one simulation design tool that integrates all tools and features into a single software product
  5. Support for collaborative scenario building in real-time over WAN, LAN, and NIPRNet
  6. Support for multi-user simulations that support 1000’s of users
  7. Support for HLA, CIGI, and DIS
  8. Support for Collada and Open flight
  9. Animation support for 3D vehicles and units
  10. Build custom terrain environments anywhere on the globe with a Google-map style interface
  11. Zoom from outer space from ground level seamlessly
  12. Easy to load GIS Data and overlay on your world
  13. Upcoming support for deformable terrain
  14. Easily add land features such as rivers, roads, forest, water, and more
  15. High quality real world physics

Limitations :

  1. 30-days trial version of Visual3D Game Engine

Download : Visual3D Game Engine Version: v0.9.6.3 (Beta 6.3)

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