Vitalist – The Best Online task manager based on GTD methodology

Vitalist is a GTD based online task manager for managing projects and getting work done easily and fast. it works in the ideology of ‘getting things done (GTD)’ which represents the software Slogan.

It was developed and created for this purpose of getting things and work doing fast and easily. You don’t need to look into your work again for their order keeping and updating.

With this simple application, your documents get updated their way easily without you having to check it again and again. You can also manage work lists, documents and spreadsheets.

The lists and documents you are register on the application will be updated accordingly and easily without you having to check regularly.

You can easily sign in for a free Vitalist account and can get the experience of using the GTD facilities. The free account allows you to use every features of the GTD software like additional project management, file sharing and data management.

It’s an easy to use application to work with your projects and contexts. You can easily handle the projects and accomplish the target of the deals.

Apart from that, you can set schedule dates, attach files, notes and other important documents. It is also feasible for use in iPhone applications.

You can easily access Vitalist from your mobile application from anywhere in the world. It also feasible for use in iPhone applications.

You can easily access Vitalist from your mobile application from anywhere in the world. The Vitalist application is optimized for use in iPhone and other mobile devices effectively.

Vitalist allows you to interpret your actions and projects in your mobile applications. You can set alerts and reminders of the Vitalist work actions through SMS or emails.

You can also set schedules in calendars in this application as well as set reminders. It also communicate with other Vitalist users through this application. You can easily share projects, files with colleagues and friends.

The Vitalist application also gives you better support through the helpdesk application incase you have any query regarding using this application.

Features of Vitalist

  1. The Vitalist feature is easy to use and simple for the people.
  2. You can easily sign up for using this feature without having to buy it. Its free to use.
  3. The extra features can be used by only paying a certain amount along with the application.

Vitalist is an easy to use application and you can perform multiple functions with its use effectively.

Download : Vitalist

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