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Vodspot gives you the best solution for creating and managing your own video site. You can include your own videos or fill in your favorites from the Net. Vodspot is powered by Vodpod and therefore allows you to add videos from 1000 websites, like YouTube and Teacher tube. It also allows you to assemble your own video channels and visit channels of other members with whom you share common interests.


After you have built your channel you can instantly share it with Facebook and Twitter users. Vodpod gives three types of services-Publishing, Collecting and Discoveries. Vodpod Widgets are compatible with all major blogging platforms. You can customize them with the size, shape and style of your choice. Vodspot acts as your own site including the Vodpod collection. There is no coding required for accessing it. You can domain map it, select from numerous templates, and reset the looks and other settings.

Features of VodSpot

  1. You can put up your own video site or any other video application that you wish to. The Vodpod API is restful, and is acquainted with both JSON and XML.
  2. It is a very easy to handle as well as important tool for posting video to your blog or vodpod collection powered by just a single click. It is available as both a bookmarklet and Firefox extension.
  3. You can automatically share your videos with your Facebook and Twitter friends.
  4. There is a one-click browser button to grab video embed codes from any site and post them to your Vodpod collection.
  5. The Bookmarklet feature works on over 8,000 video sites and the number of sites keeps increasing each day.
  6. The Blog Importer repeatedly includes the videos you add to your blog or upload as favorite on Youtube. The importer also has the option of going back and getting hold of all of the videos that you have posted to your blog so far.
  7. You can search from over 2 million videos collected by your fellow Vodpod members from over 8,000 different videos sites. You can also browse through 100,000,000s of videos from YouTube, Hulu, DailyMotion, Myspace, and Comedy Central.
  8. The Video Organizer allows to you promptly tag, sift and sort your collection. You can easily publish targeted, edited sets of videos combining our publishing tools.
  9. You can discover amazing videos using the features under the Discovery option.
  10. You can browse the best videos of every category, rated as popular by Vodpod members. You can search for videos on specific tags.
  11. Like Twitter, Facebook and other services, you can keep a track of what other members and view what videos they are collecting.

Vodpod has added to a great degree of renovation in creating video channels. It uncomplicated ways to handle allows you to get your work done efficiently. It is sure to give you a sense of satisfaction.

Download : http://vodspot.tv/

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