Voodoo chat – PHP based stream chat engine

Voodoo chat is a PHP based highly customized stream chat engine that specially designed to work on high-loaded chat-servers. It is written in PHP, but uses Perl or C++ for Voc-daemon – the special program to handle multiple user-connections. With Voodoo chat, User can establish a chat which will serve hundreds of visitors simultaneously. And it’s html-based, so your chatters can use it from almost any browser.

Voodoo chat

The Voc-engine includes a lot of features:

  • Themes-support – Create your own theme for chat server or use existing one.
  • configurable Chat rooms
  • private messages
  • graphical statistic
  • protected registration
  • ignoring
  • easy to use bold, italic, underlined messages
  • inline images
  • personal info-page with photo for registered users
  • avatars support
  • internal mini-mail system
  • User status (online/offline/not available/don’t disturb)
  • web-indicator
  • nick & string highlighting for personal messages

The Voodoo chat available in 3 engines, based on:

  • Files
  • MySQL
  • System V Shared Memory

You can select engine which you want.

Download: Voodoo Chat

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