Vosao Java CMS for Google App Engine

Vosao is a Java based (open source) CMS for Google App Engine that makes it easy to build dramatic web sites and powerful online applications on the Google App Engine for Java.

Vosao Java CMS for Google App Engine

it has easy to use, simple user interface which provide so many useful features such as visual (WYSIWYG) editing, Human and SEO friendly URLs, internationalization, parent/child page structure, nested and programmable templates, commenting (with moderation), site import/export, content versioning, security and group management, resource management, captcha service, support for Google Analytics, plugins support, input forms, and many more, along with free hosting on the Google cloud.

A simple hierarchical content structure coupled with declarative design templates which help content authors and web designers become more productive and creative.

Homepage : Vosao CMS
Download : Vosao CMS

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