VSee – HD Video conferencing and video Collaboration tool


Video conference is an integral part of any large or mid scaled trade industry in the present day scenario.

VSee - HD Video conferencing and video Collaboration tool

Video collaboration has made it possible to make meetings among remotely placed employees and carry on according to work schedule.

It has accelerated business dealing process. VSee is a video graphic collaboration tool that is quite popular among the new generation of working professionals.

Currently, VSee supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and 7. However, work is on to spread its systems support to further operating systems like Mac, iOS and other Android bases etc…

Installation of VSee is a very simple process. All you have to do is visit the VSee official website, click on the installation area and you will be directed to few easy steps for the VSee installation process.

Sending some information as files, making a call, sending some application, saving some received data and also voice control are just a click away. Thus, VSee makes your business much stress free and lucid.

VSee provides you with several features to enhance your commercial collaborations and accelerate your business process.

Features of VSee

  1. VSee is a user friendly approach to your business solutions. It enables you to take up with your projects from any location but the productivity level is maintained. You can stay connected to all your colleagues just when you are within the walls of your office. VSee’s user interface that is based on patent-pending policy depends highly on a serious knowledge of the degree of reliability over the video mode. VSee can help you connect with the most distant work members instantly.
  2. While taking up a video conference call with a single or multiple members you can simultaneously carry on with some other important work as well. To understand business methods you need to have some idea regarding human features. Seeing a person’s reaction, be it verbal or facial helps you a lot to judge the situation and build confidence. So, with VSee you can directly observe your client or co worker’s body language or facial reactions which can be quite useful. VSee boasts of a 720HD Video clarity that gets you a clear and remarkable image excellence.
  3. Creation, saving of a document and application sharing in VSee is very simple. You can do all these with a single click on the “Share” tab on your specific application for sharing. You are provided with continual high quality video support even while sharing or receiving of some information. Sending a document is done by drag and drop controls. Hence, it simplifies your work completely.
  4. It is a safe application also industry friendly having been encrypted with 140-2 certified 256 bit AES and is armed with a complete suite comprising of proprietor administration and organizational capacities.
  5. You can use VSee in a network enabled with 3G or 4G cellular. It has less than 50% bandwidth usage than most of the other video call applications like Skype, Polycom, and Cisco etc.

Download : VSee

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