Vvidget Code – Integrate graphs into your desktop applications

Vvidget Code is a Graphing framework to program Cocoa applications for 2D and 3D graphs. With Vvidget Code, you can easily add graphs to your desktop applications and hook them to your data sources in minutes.


Each application that you build with Vvidget code, give you option to export graphs to a powerful layout program to make publication ready results without the need for additional programming. Includes several graph styles and types, from line graphs to 3D surface graphs, and hundreds of adjustable attributes which can be modified without programming.

It’s unique design minimizes the learning curve and programming and maximizes results and delivery of data intensive visuals. You can easily add Vvidget Code with report applications, eliminates manual importing or selecting of data and adds immediate value by giving users of your applications access to thousands of layout and graphic artist features.

Download: Vvidget Code

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