Vyew – Real Time Web Conferencing and collaboration tool

Vyew has transformed boring web-conferences into easier and more attractive activity. Vyew can boast of making web-conferencing interactive and fun. It is a basic and easy to handle software and is becoming increasingly popular. You can use Vyew to revamp the way web conferences and seminars are carried out. In this way you can not only attract more clients but also bind the interest of your co-workers.

Vyew - Real Time Web Conferencing tool

With Vyew you can upload images, files, documents and videos into a room. Users can also contribute to the ongoing discussions anytime making the session more interactive. Vyew is easy to start using. It does not require any installations. It does not run the risk of slowing down your computer. It is versatile in nature and compatible with different systems and applications like PC, Linux, PowerPoint, documents, images, videos, mp3s, flash files and many more. The free version of Vyew is free forever.

Vyew comes in two paid forms. Prices of the two versions are $9.95 and $19.95 per month. It allows unlimited use for up to ten users. It has a wide array of features such as white boarding, video conferencing, screen sharing, Voice-over-IP etc. It has excellent collaboration features. In Vyew continuous rooms are always saved and always-on. Contextual discussion forums, voice-notes, track and log activity allows easy collaboration among users.

Features of Vyew

  1. General Features
    • Vyew is browser based Web Conferencing and collaboration tool
    • It stores hundreds of active and archived meetings for each user.
    • It allows external publishing of data.
    • It has customized branding options.
  2. Comprehensive tool set – Vyew has a comprehensive tool set which makes handling of the software very simple. The tol set has the following features.
    • Broad file type support
    • Real-time desktop sharing tool
    • Built-in screen capture tool
    • White boarding and drawing tools
    • Embedded comments
    • Shared mouse cursors
    • Useful Plug-ins
  3. Communication tools -Vyew also has unique communication tools like Built-in Voice Over IP, Built-in webcam video, Free tele-conferencing, text chat options and Voice notes ( Voicemal directly in sticky notes).
  4. Vyew is extremely easy to use. This ease of use is the result of some exclusive features-
    • Vyew allows object filtering as per your requirement.
    • It consists of dedicated rooms and direct URLs.
    • It hosts a huge meeting file archive or directory which can be referred to later.
    • It has customized user permission controls to control user accessibility options.
    • It has a special invitation manager.
    • It allows sync and un sync meeting navigation.
    • It does not involve any hassle behind firewalls.
    • It allows multi-lingual support.
    • Vyewbook automatically sends notifications to its user when there is some change.

Vyew is useful for giving web-based presentations, hosting web seminars, conduct team meetings and support customers in real-time. It also allows author rich presentations and collaborate on documents; post content for review; and leave content from live conference sessions available over time. Vyew is a basic software for offices. It takes care of web-conference related activities. It never fails to give the best results. It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Download : http://vyew.com/s/

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