Wave Accounting – Free Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Wave Accounting is Free Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses . it’s an full featured online accounting software and is specially designed for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers – or for anyone doing personal jobs as well as handling accounting or bookkeeping.

wave accounting

All the tasks related to money can be done easily with the help of Wave Accounting that certainly make it easy with your reminders, invoicing, and sales taxes.

Expense also easily tracked without entering anything manually. The Wave Accounting is absolutely free. All your personal accounting as well as business accounting easily handled by wave accounting within a single place.

it offers various useful suite of reports that includes : Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Income Statement, Sales tax report, Aged Receivables and Payable, Gain/Loss on Foreign Currency Exchange and many more..

The features provided by this app are tremendously accountant-friendly.

Features of Wave Accounting

  1. Invoicing : Easy to create and send invoices, You get automatic log payments when they’re deposited in your bank, Also send payments Reminders.
  2. 256-bit encryption : The code of transmissions locked up in the Wave is really very difficult to crack. It is extremely secured and you will never be able to break it even if you have a bank or a shop online.
  3. Secure Storage : The data held by the servers are electronically as well as physically protected. In plain and simple English: there are security cards, guards, codes, passwords, random tests, 24/7 monitoring and many more, all ensuring data and in formations is transmitted to the authorized people only.
  4. Read Only : It provide read-only connection that enables you to connect your credit card and bank accounts through the use of Wave accounting. Wave accounting can never be used to move money out of your account.
  5. Expense tracking and bill payment : track where your money is going instantly, log bills when you receive and make payments automatically.
  6. Personal Finances :  Easy to track your personal and professional spending in one central place.
  7. It offer more then 40 different types of business profiles so that you don’t have to configure confusing accounting details manually.
  8. It’s an web based application, So user can easily access from anywhere.
  9. Easy to collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper, business partner or other people in real time.
  10. Automatic Backups : it give you hourly automatic backup.
  11. easy to use and easy to read Wave Accounting dashboards that tell you what you need to do today, and show you the state of your finances.
  12. Support for Foreign Currency
  13. Customizable accounting interface so that it’s right for you and your accountant.

Download : wave accounting

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