WaveMaker – open source Ajax WYSIWYG Web 2.0 RIA development tool

WaveMaker is a free open source Ajax WYSIWYG, Web 2.0 RIA development tool that allow you to create rich internet application. The development Platform available in two components: WaveMaker Studio for developing rich internet applications and WaveMaker Runtime for deploying applications into a standard and secure Java environment.

WaveMaker - open source Ajax WYSIWYG Web 2.0 RIA development tool

it’s a truly open source, easy to use visual builder that allows web developers to create web-based Ajax applications. Drag & drop assembly of Ajax widgets, web services, code-free integration of web-services, databases and Ajax UI, and one-touch deployment to standard Tomcat servers all work seamlessly together to let you build complete web apps in hours!

The framework is easily integrate into Spring, ACEGI, Dojo Toolkit 1authentication, LDAP, Active Directory and POJOs and their products include Visual Ajax Studio for RIAs development and WaveMaker Rapid .0, Deployment Server for Java application.

With WaveMaker, customer can reduce there development costs by 67% and cut the lines of code written by 98%. Less code makes WaveMaker applications cheaper to maintain and easier to manage.

Features of WaveMaker:

  • Enterprise-Ready Data Widgets
  • Single Sign-on Security
  • Drag & drop Application Assembly
  • Studio Runs in a Standard Browser
  • Preview live data within the studio
  • One-Click Widget & Template Publishing
  • Diagnostics
  • One-touch deployment to built-in WaveMaker server
  • Fully Secure
  • Automated Multi-tenant Support
  • One-click Cloud Deployment
  • RightScale Integration
  • Smaller Deployment Size

Download: Wavemaker

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