The Best 12 Online Project Collaboration Tools


A project collaboration tool is a software program that helps multiple people to work together on specific projects to achieve common goals. Here is a list of 12 useful Online Project collaboration tools that allow you to work together with friends and co-workers.

12 Best Online Project Collaboration Tools

1 Binfire – online project collaboration

Binfire - Online Project Collaboration Tools

Binfire is a privately funded project collaboration tool specially designed for small and medium-sized firms working with remote team members and professionals.

Its main aim to provide a collaboration platform for team members to collaborate wherever they are whenever they want by using any device they have.

It’s not only an online contact management tool, but it’s also a fully-featured virtual project room or cloud-based project office. – Binfire

2 Celoxis – online project collaboration tools

Celoxis - Online Project Collaboration Tools

Celoxis is an online project collaboration tool that helps you improve your collaboration and streamline management of projects, resources, issues, documents, timesheets, expenses, and even business methods specific to your business.

It gives all essential collaboration tools like web folders, discussion forums, shared calendars, and email to improve your teams’ conversation.

You can also securely share your project plans and other documents, manage online debates on issues, ideas, and other matters, plan meetings (with invitations) and do much more. – Celoxis

3 CodeBeamer

CodeBeamer - Online Project Collaboration Tools

CodeBeamer is a java based online collaborative Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) program for distributed software development.

It allows software development teams to manage their projects, user, and methods from product release requirements.

Because it provides a centralized collaborative platform, codeBeamer helps you improve productivity and offers full clarity and accountability to reduce your production cost. – codeBeamer

4 Central Desktop – Web collaboration tools

Central Desktop

Central Desktop is an online project collaboration tool for small and medium-sized firms. It allows you to manage your teams, projects, documents, tasks, and clients directly from the cloud.


  1. Wikis
  2. WYSIWYG editing
  3. Document Management
  4. Inbuilt Lucene Search engine
  5. Online Documents and Spreadsheets
  6. Task management
  7. Project management
  8. Discussion threads
  9. online file viewer
  10. Web conferencing tool
  11. microblogging and workflow Solutions

Central Desktop

5 DeskAway

Deskaway - Online Project Collaboration Tools

DeskAway is a simple yet smarter Online project collaboration tools for team members. It gives you a central platform where team members can manage, share, organize, and follow their projects and works. – DeskAway

6 eGroupWare

E-Groupware Online Project Collaboration Tools

eGroupware is a leading online project collaboration tool for all types of firms, from big corporates houses to small-scale businesses, even small teams within and across companies worldwide. It allows your team members to collaborate in a secure and useful, productive environment. – eGroupWare

7 Feng Office Community Edition

Feng Office - Online Project Collaboration Tools

Feng Office is earlier known as OpenGoo. It’s an open-source online project collaboration tool that helps you manage your projects and business services online.

It’s a fully-featured online office suite that includes project management, document management, contact management, Client Relationship Management, and Email suite. – Feng Office

8 GroveSite – Web-based project collaboration tools

Grovesite web collaboration

GroveSite is an online collaboration, project management, and online relational database management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a secure, wiki-style collaborative workspace with robust project management features.

Easy to collaborate and share documents secularly with team members outside the corporate firewall and deliver successful projects on time. – GroveSite

9 Mavenlink

Mavenlink Collaboration Tools

Mavenlink is a cloud-based project collaboration and project management software that allows professional service providers and their clients to manage their projects from start to finish efficiently. – Mavenlink

10 phpGroupWare – Multi-user Groupware Suite

PHP Groupware

phpGroupWare is a multiuser groupware suite, which was earlier known as WebDistro. It’s a PHP based groupware suite with more than 50 web-based applications, including a Calendar, Address book, an advanced Projects manager, To-do List, Email, and File manager. – phpGroupWare

11 Projectplace

Project place

Projectplace is an online project collaboration tool that allows users to manage single or multiple projects without using any hardware or installing any software. – ProjectPlace

12 Saba Collaboration Suite

Saba web collaboration

Saba Collaboration Suite combines web and video conferencing and business social network in a unified Cloud platform to drive real-time social collaboration. – Saba Collaboration Suite

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