6 Best Web Conferencing Tools for Mac


if you are Mac user and looking for best web conferencing and online meeting software for Mac then here is 6 Best Web conferencing tools for Mac OS X.

  1. Yugma – Web Conferencing Tools for Mac

    Yugma Web Conferencing Tools

    Yugma is a free web conferencing, online meeting and real-time collaboration software for mac.

    with whiteboard & annotation functionality allows the user to share their desktop screen and host or attend online meetings with colleagues.

    it’s an ideal tool for individuals, small businesses, educational institutes, and online communities.

    Up to 2 people can join web conferences simultaneously but there is one more limitation that the user can only conduct the 1 Hour meeting. – Yugma

  2. BuddyMeeting – Free Online Conferencing Tool


    BuddyMeeting is a free online conferencing tool that allows the user to create an online conferencing room for up to 25 people at a time.

    you can easily conduct virtual meetings in real-time, collaborate with your colleagues on personal or professional projects, share your desktop screen, ideas, business presentations and many more… – BuddyMeeting

  3. GotoMeeting – Video Conferencing Tools for Mac


    GotoMeeting is a simple yet easy to use online meeting and video conferencing tool for Mac.

    you can conduct face to face video conferencing with your customers to manage their presentations, perform live demos and collaborate with your clients in real-time.

    it has an integrated phone and web conferencing tool with free VoIP to save your money and improve your communication. – GoToMeeting

  4. Fuse Meeting – Video Conferencing Tool for Mac

    Fuse Meeting

    Fuse Meeting is a cloud-based visual collaboration, online meeting, and multi-party HD video conferencing tools for mac.

    you can share any content like videos, presentations, Desktop screens, and photos that are rich in detail and color from any place in the world.

    easy to Upload your content to the conference software or directly share it from your desktop in real-time. – Fuze Meeting

  5. iVisit – Conferencing Tools for Mac

    iVisit Online Conferencing Tools

    iVisit is a free video and web conferencing tools for Mac that allow face to face interactions with friend, family and colleagues from anywhere.

    it allow up to 8 user can simultaneously collaborate on projects by sharing their desktop screen, docs,apps, and more while in a live video meeting. – iVisit

  6. ReadyTalk – Web Conferencing Tools for Mac


    ReadyTalk is a Web Conferencing Tools for Mac that allow you to conduct web and audio conferencing, webinars and virtual meetings.

    it’s an affordable, easy to use web conferencing tool, so you can easily concentrate on the substance of the meeting, not the technology behind it.- readytalk

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