WebApp.Net – JavaScript framework to develop mobile web applications

WebApp.Net is a free, light weight, powerful JavaScript framework to create mobile web applications. It provide a complete set of ready to use components such as switch buttons, radio groups, etc. which allow you to develop advanced mobile web applications.


It specially designed to mimic the actual iPhone and iPod Touch graphic user interface. It provides many powerful and easy to use components, based on JavaScript and cascading style sheets technologies, to help you design great and must seen web applications for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, webOS and any other devices with a WebKit based browser. WebApp.Net can be used with any server side technology (ASP.Net, PHP, Ruby…).

You can use the full capabilities of JavaScript and XML without a line of code! A single HTML attribute is required to make a link asynchronous. Full AJAX form submission is also supported with a simple command in the form declaration.

Features of WebApp.Net

  1. Native full screen for iPhone & iPod Touch
  2. Custom Events
  3. Advanced Styling for your components
  4. progressive images loading feature to limit the amount of data loaded by the user and reduce bandwidth.
  5. Easy Proxy Integration
  6. full support of script definition in your asynchronous contents.
  7. Animated PNGs
  8. RLT Text support
  9. New User Interface Element
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