webEdition – Open source Web content management system

webEdition is an open source Web content management system (WCMS) written in PHP and using MySQL database backend. It’s a perfect Web CMS solution for website creators and administrators that allow you to manage there websites comfortably with an extremely flexible and extensible CMS.

webEdition - Open source Web content management system

webEdition CMS is completely modular in structure, so user can install only the features you actually need and you can add functionalities as you go. It also provide user friendly easy installation and short training period. It has a large function spectrum and can be customized easily. The CMS specially designed for complex projects with high traffic as well as for small websites with only a few documents.

Editors without HTML or CSS skills can edit and enter content in a familiar environment with the integrated WYSIWYG editor. The text output can be specified by the designer, In this way a uniform appearance of the website can be realized according to the CI. With integrated media management, user can manage all file types you need on your website in webEdition. Images, Flash movies, PDFs and any other files like programs or archives for download by your website visitors.

it also support for Scheduled publishing, it means user can automatically publish prepared content at a determined date and time – or take articles off the website after a determined amount of time. The scheduling function help you to create scheduled actions comfortably over the webEdition interface.

Features of WebEdition CMS

  1. User-friendly Installation
  2. Editor friendly interface for easy usability
  3. Easy to add modules as you need them
  4. Versioning
  5. WebEdition SDK
  6. econda Web-Controlling
  7. ideal integration in Dreamweaver
  8. PHP, MySQL, XML based Web CMS
  9. Multilingual Support
  10. Open source project
  11. webEdition functions support XHTML 1.0 Transitional conform output of the source code.
  12. Support for Scheduled Publishing

Download : webEdition Installer Version:

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