WebEngage – Online feedback and survey tool for website owners

WebEngage is an online feedback and survey tool provided by Webklipper Technologies Private Limited. It is a tool that helps you to put up quick feedbacks to your website that can be shared across different people.

WebEngage - Online feedback and survey tool

WebEngage is quite suitable for people who face difficulty in putting forth some opinion or feedback regarding some explicit topic over the web.

WebEngage is quite popular due to its simple usage and vast utility features. All you have to do in WebEngage is to create a feedback form and put it up for public viewing.

WebEngage allows you to add prompt feedbacks to various webpage contents, create your own selected group of viewers and form own regulatory rules for using it.

This website has proved to be quite useful and is being widely used all over the world.

When you are using WebEngage to post your feedback on some issue make sure that you are clear about your opinion and explanation so that everybody can understand your point of view.

Using WebEngage, you can accumulate feedback along with various conducted short meaningful surveys and polls on your websites and you can use some other required services too.

Features of WebEngage

  1. You are provided with a feedback form producing service which you can customize and build up according to your requirements and preferences. The central feedback form contents are four areas that include your name, email, type, and point or feedback message. You are at liberty to insert or alter and also the option for a default category for your widget.
  2. The feedback form available on your website can be used in two ways; either as a feedback tag or as an implanted iframe or even in both ways. You can obtain the related code from your screen dashboard.
  3. If a user puts up feedback for your website, every feedback cord within your dashboard will have extra detail on the URL of that particular feedback page other than the categories of the feedback form. You can reply back using that cord only. Prompt notifications through emails will be sent to you and the official administrative site.
  4. To give your site and your feedback form a standout and different get up from other websites use WebEngage form builder. You can create your own personal and unique feedback form with a different appearance altogether.
  5. With WebEngage you can customize your feedback window as per your likes and dislikes. You can also transform the CSS for your feedback framework. The changes can be saved and you will get a preview of the changes in your dashboard.
  6. White-labeled solutions make replacement of the official logo with your personal one possible. You can alter the email outlines used for reporting your clients.

However, all the features are not available in the basic plan. Some have been created for the standard, premium, or higher plans.

Download: WebEngage

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