WebERP – open-source web-based ERP system

WebERP is an open source web based ERP system specially designed for Small and medium-sized business enterprises. It written in PHP and uses MySQL database backend. This means it works on all platforms: users can access WebERP from anywhere using a web browser and a PDF reader.

weberp - open source web based ERP system

It has integrated accounting system and offers a wide range of features suitable for many businesses particularly distributed businesses in wholesale and distribution such as multi-currency sales orders and accounts receivable, multi-currency purchase orders and accounts payable, multiple inventory locations, unlimited number of price lists, pricing by customer and currency, integrated general ledger journals created for all transactions in accounts receivable and payable, standard costing, user definable sales analysis reports, and standard cost stock valuation and stock planning reports.

With WebERP’s multilingual support, it ensure that you can connect employees, suppliers and customers around the world. WebERP is an open source/free project release under GPL License.

Features of WebERP

  1. Completely Web based ERP
  2. Runs on any web-server that can accommodate PHP
  3. Minimal use of java-script for maximum compatibility with all web-browsers and web enabled devices
  4. Easy to Produces reports in Portable document format (PDF).
  5. All reports and scripts easily modifiable PHP text
  6. Multi-language and Multi- Theme supported
  7. Easy to integrate any wiki engine
  8. Access to only certain options using a role based model
  9. Incorrect entry of password (more than 3 times) blocks the account until reset by the System Administrator.
  10. Pages can be encrypted using SSL and webERP can be configured to only display pages using SSL to ensure that all information passing over the internet is encrypted.
  11. Users can be defined to see only certain modules on the main menu.
  12. HTTP security can be configured over the top of the inbuilt security to provide two levels of security.

Download : WebERP version 3.11.3
Demo : WebERP Demo

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